Falling in love with a narcissist is intoxicating. They spend a lot of time mirroring the best parts of yourself back to you. You’re actually falling in love with many of your own great qualities that you likely have a hard time seeing in yourself. The narcissist spends a lot of time learning what makes you tick and where they can insert themselves and do the most damage. Once you are hooked, then the control and manipulation begins. You become obsessed with trying to get those feelings you once had at the beginning of the relationship where the narcissist made you feel like no one else ever had. You fantasize and hold on to that idea as they gaslight you and make you feel like a crazy person. This is a cycle that will continue until you find the strength to end it. Only YOU can do it and I’m here today to share what happened to me in hopes that it will help you see what you should do for yourself.

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