I added to my collection of tattoos today! It’s something I have been considering for over a year and finally had a chance to get it inked on my skin.

A good friend of mine has a private tattoo studio so I gelt safe enough to go and get the ink I wanted.

The design is similar to my Marilyn Monroe tattoo a pieced together geometric form. I got Marilyn Monroe when I got back from Europe in 2019 and the original concept was to be her image in a shattered mirror – except, I didnt like how the mirror shattered, I wanted something more….geometric. Much of the art on my body is geometric in nature.

So we came up with a pop geometric version of Marilyn Monroe. She came out great. This is her, all healed up over a year later. (yes, if you also recognize the tattoo on my wrist – that is the symbol from the movie The Fifth Element.

Carrie Fisher was an outspoken activist for mental health, addiction, women’s rights and the LGBTQIA+ community – in addition to being and incredibly talented actor and writer. Most people know her from her epic slave outfit wearing days as Princess Leia in Star Wars. One of the most iconic moments in cinematic history – the perfect combo of nerdy and sexy lol 

She was a badass women and I wear her proudly on the same arm as my Marilyn Monroe tattoo. 

This is one of the best portrait tattoos I’ve seen. I feel like Carrie would’ve been proud if she were still around to see it. Rest in Power Princess. Thank you for everything you did in your lifetime to be a role model for little girls like me growing up.

Artist Doug Death: https://instagram.com/art_delamuerte

Private tattoo studio: https://instagram.com/ritualartcollective

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