Painting by Erica Wexler https://www.surrealismart.net/product/we-are-the-wild-oil-painting

Here’s a poem I wrote last week while going through this roller coaster of emotions that IS our current situation. It’s driving some of us crazy and others are finding peace. Truth be told I’ve teetered back and fourth between both – some days feeling content and others like I’m losing my mind.

As I try to make sense of it all, I’ve channeled some of it into creating art. As I type this my hands are shaking and I’m nervous to share this art but I realize this is the exact time to share. That maybe this vulnerability should be embraced and maybe just maybe this piece will affect someone in a way that gives them hope or peace or understanding. That you are not alone and we are in this together and that’s it’s okay to be confused or angry or sad.

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