Apparently my body has decided that I need to battle round 2 with acne.

The last 3 weeks my forehead has been plagued by what can only be described as a colossal collection of zits. This hasn’t happened to me since high school!

My forehead used to resemble something from the book of brail. Today, I’m experiencing the same thing and it’s mortifying.

Here I am working on my insides and bam….get slapped with the ugly stick.

‘But Mom, can’t I just skip puberty and go straight to mid-life crisis?’

I guess that is the way it goes sometimes. Perhaps the ugly is coming out through my pores hahaha.

I think I know what’s causing this weirdness. I quit taking birth control for a couple weeks as I’m not seeing anyone or having sex sooooo I figured – give my body a break from the hormones. Apparently that was a mistake. My body has started to go haywire.

It’s either that OR I’ve been eating entirely too much chocolate or sugar? But it’s probably the previous reason.

I’ve been on my period for over 2 weeks now and the acne is just unsightly. My mood has significantly improved (sometimes birth control makes me nuts) but that could also just be all the work I’ve been doing with my awesome therapist.

So….back on the birth control, treating the acne and waiting for this god forsaken period to come to an end.

33 going on 13? Apparently that’s me right this second lol So in honor of my traveling back in time, here was the #1 song on the 13th year of my birth in 1999.

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