Did what you ask? I finally put one of my long term ideas into action. You see, I’ve been talking about starting a podcast for years. When I say years, I mean many years. I love to talk and tell stories. I also like getting attention for that so being a podcaster makes perfect sense. On a deeper level though, I just felt compellled to try other avenues of getting my story out there.

I started this blog back in early 2019 as a way to keep myself accountable on my sobriety journey. Since then, it’s turned into so much more. It’s not just about being sober. It’s about life. It’s about mental health. It’s about challenge and successes. It’s about failures and learning from mistakes. It’s about anything and everything I feel like writing about. It’s kept me sober but it’s also kept my passion for writing alive and well.

Whenever I think about giving up, I think about this blog and the people I’ve been able to help from it. Then my passion is reignited and I’m reminded of why I put my time and energy into it. It’s not that I’m making all this money and it’s my job – it’s my passion and love of helping others that keeps my fame lit.

So this past Wednesday I launched my very first episode of the podcast and it was received with open arms – so far. The feedback I’ve gotten has been great – though I’m not sure my family and friends would necessarily shit on something they know I worked so hard to create. But regardless, the feedback has been good. I’m going to keep going.

While I don’t have every single bit of this part of my journey mapped and planned out, I’m going with the flow and seeing where it might take me. I have lots of ideas on where this might go – but I’m not going to be so rigid in my plan that I miss opportunities to grow and expand in ways I might not have considered before.

I hope to someday look back on this post and think – wow, look how far I’ve come. I’ve certainly done that with this blog so many times already – I can only imagine where I might go from here.

If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, please click here to listen to the podcast now. I’d love your feedback. Leave a comment, leave a review, speak it out. Thank you all for your incredible support. My heart is bursting.

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