I had my last therapy session last night. It’s weird how much it feels like a breakup but when you consider that I’ve met with this person once a week for 2 and a half years – it makes sense. 

I have a clean bill of mental health. I’ve come so far since that very first session where I was newly sober, scared and convinced there was chemically something in my body sabotaging my happiness because I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t feel comfortable in my skin. 

Talk therapy and working through my trauma released me from a mental prison I had myself locked in. I have so much more clarity and understanding surrounding what has happened to me and identifying the patterns I was continuing. Letting go of coping mechanisms I created to survive and learning how to survive and thrive despite what my past conditioning was. 

I cried saying goodbye but I got to thank this person for helping me. I’m very glad I made that decision years ago to get help. I hope that if yourself In the same situation and want to find answers, that you give yourself permission to try. 

Now I get to look forward to what comes next in my life’s journey.

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