For the last few years, I’ve been sharing my life with the world. On my social media, there have been times where I’ve peeled back a few layers, gotten vulnerable and shared the tough things I’ve gone through.

It’s been quite the journey. That journey is now leading me to a time of silence. It’s time for me to take a little bit of my life back and live a little more behind the scenes.

I’ve been trying really hard the last few years to just be okay. To show everyone that I’m doing well, even in the times that I’m not doing so hot. I’ve used social media to keep everyone updated. To get validation for the work I’d been doing. I joke that I have a praise kink, but deep down its not really all that funny to be seeking validation from a network of virtual strangers, is it? But was I really seeking validation? Was I just trying to help others with my message? It’s hard to tell these days.

My therapist recommended a hiatus from this over-sharing and immediately I was struck by fear and anxiety. What would I do? How would people know how I’m doing? It felt like I was breaking up with an old friend. But why? Had I really become so dependent on the constant scrolling and updating? The answer is yes.

So it’s time to take a step back and just exist in this space. Im holding off on posting things, creating content and oversharing for the time being while I get myself sorted. It may sound a bit selfish but I think sometimes we have to be selfish in this life. To take a piece of this life for just ourselves.

It has been such a great journey and I believe a beneficial one to share so much of my life with others. I am, by no means, going away. I’m just going to blend in with the background for a bit, live in the moment and come back to this when my head is cleared and I have a deeper understanding of myself and where I want to take Girl Versus World.

I appreciate the love and support I’ve gotten and continue to get from the readers and podcast listeners. I’ve appreciated your stories and messages of hope, as I hope you’ve appreciated mine.

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