I realize, it seems like a very stupid time to spend money that isn’t absolutely necessary. But, in my own defense, isn’t this also the time to work on self. I mean, we’re isolated and forced to sit with our feelings on a daily basis these days.

I’d followed this particular instructor back a few years ago – maybe 2016 or so. I told myself then, that if I got a few extra bucks and some time – I’d sign up and finally learn how to properly play my bass guitar.

This is a bass tab – how I learned to play

See, I never took any lessons. My parents bought me my first bass at around age 13 or 14. I would just get on my computer look up bass tabs, write them down (yes write them down, our printer ink was sacred and to be used on homework not bass tabs and bullshit lol) then take them to my room and play along with the songs. I had notebooks upon notebooks of these hieroglyphic looking things.


That’s how I learned how to play, by mimicking songs. Toward the end of my bass career in high school, I finally learned where the notes were on the neck. I can read music actually, I learned from years and years in choir – I’d been singing since kindergarten.

But, I stopped playing for nearly a decade until I moved back out to Los Angeles and vowed that i would learn properly. That was 2015. Cut to present day 2020….

I finally purchased lessons. In fact, I purchased an entire course with a bunch of bells and whistles to help me learn and interact with other students. Now seemed like the perfect time for such a thing.

Why? Well, because I don’t really have an excuse not to anymore. I have the time. Maybe I don’t really have the money, but I’ll figure out a way to make more – I always have.

So here we are, at the beginning of what will hopefully be me FINALLY sitting down and learning proper technique and honing my bass skills.

What’s the purpose of all of this? It’s a hobby. It’s reconnecting with my younger self. It’s having a bit of fun when life eats away at ya. It’s bonding with my partner who also loves music. It’s feeling proud. It’s challenging myself. But most of all…

It’s choosing to do something because I WANT to do it

NOT because I HAVE to do it.

I’m excited and haven’t decided how much of it I’ll share here and how much of it I’ll perhaps create a separate instagram/website for. For now, I’m just excited to be doing a thing again. A thing that brought me a lot of peace and purpose as a teen.

Hope ya’ll are prepared for the amount of bass face that will be coming at you soon! I mean, I’m not sure I can even contend with hers, but a girl can dream haha. #bassfacegoals

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