You asked me to write about you
I don’t usually write about good
I wax poetic on pain
But I promised you I would
So I sat down the other day
But tears came flowing instead
Started jotting down things to say
Things I might say should we wed

What I wanted to say
Couldn’t even be wrote
So I opened my mouth 
Just a lump in my throat

So I went back in my mind
To when things were new
Before the fights and struggles
Before the lies were true

The times spent kissing
On beaches with yellow sand
When time stood still
When you would hold my hand

Listening to you talk so sweet
Watching you strum your guitar
Photograph you while you sleep
These were my favorite things by far

We dreamt up an entire life
The house, The golden retriever
You made sweet promises to my heart
How you’d never ever deceive her

Those days are behind us now
Memories are all that’s left
So I’ll hold them really tight
Close to my heaving breast

As tears roll down my cheeks
I remember what once was
We were magic that faded
As love sometimes does

I wish we could have found a way to understand each other better and make things work. Unfortunately that’s not part of our story. I had hoped that, with time, things could heal and mend…..but patience was never a virtue either of us had, did we?

I promised I would write about you, about us. I thought I’d be handing you something beautiful and poetic on your birthday. Instead I’m posting it here and you’ll probably never read it and that’s okay. I understand your anger and frustration with it all. I felt it too.

Regardless of it all, I still think we were magic at our best and nothing will ever take that away.

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