This one isn’t full of wishful thinking or hopeful ideas. It’s something I experienced before. Love and relationships are such a beautiful thing, until they aren’t. The pain and hurt that people feel sometimes manifests in a hurtful and abusive way when things come to an end. Whether the words are said out of anger or they are true – they pierce straight to your soul.

This is a poem I wrote after feeling like I was already down for the count and the blows just kept on coming – things were said to me that I’ll never forget. I forgive this person as I believe it to have come from a dark place of pain – but I had to release the feelings and they manifested as this poem.

Instead of giving me space
You chased me down
Stuck the knife in my chest
And twisted it round

As I lay bleeding
You continued your pleading
Never once conceding
Just a continual beating

Then One last request
Against my dying breathe
You asked for my help
Then stomped on my chest

I surrender…
I cannot go on
What once was love
It’s really gone

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