Here’s a little poem I wrote a couple weeks ago while deep in thought about today’s world. What a wild ride this year alone has been. I find myself caught up in my emotions and feels a lot as I try to navigate this new atmosphere.

What I’ve realized about mankind during this struggle is that modern loneliness is kind of crazy. We have so many resources and humans just a couple clicks away and yet, we still despair. Why?

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The cure to modern loneliness

Has deadly consequences 

Digital connection at our fingertips

Doesn’t stifle the fire of  our loneliness

Burning in the depths of some

Deep dark place we’ve all tried to hide

Filling our veins, numbing the pain

We don’t know how to come down 

A Victim mentality that isn’t really 

A circumstance of our current situation

But a history beyond our years

Filled with anxiety and fears

We never learned what to do with tears

And so we search for answers elsewhere

We look for solutions at the bottom of a bottle

We look for solutions in the avoidance of reality

We look for solutions at the end of a barrel 

We look for solutions in the problems

….and in the end…. we perish

Spread the ashes and move on

They didn’t really have to die

But we watch them die daily

We see ourselves in their reflection

Then break the mirror and walk away

It wasn’t supposed to be THIS way

All around us nothing but Decay

Our hopes and dreams we Betray

Because we can’t see farther than just Today

The cure to modern loneliness

Isn’t much of a cure at all

It’s Darwinism erasing the weak 

Leaving behind not a legacy 

But a chasm

That keeps getting bigger

Do we keep throwing bodies down

In hopes their sacrifice will soften our fall

That somehow the hole will become full

If we justify the human sacrifice

Label the human 

Addict, Mentally ill, Criminal, Shrew

Whatever Helps you sleep at night

Or forget their life mattered too

Or do we devise a new plan

To close the hole

not in the earth

But within ourselves

The truth of it all is….

You are the cure to modern loneliness

It begins IN YOU

And it starts today!

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