Did you know that communicating and comprehending are two entirely different things? These two things might actually be sabotaging many of your relationships.

So you fancy yourself a great communicator? Maybe that’s been an area of your life you’ve had to work really hard on – communication. I come from a background of codependency where communicating my own needs has been a downright struggle. So you’ve worked really hard to learn how to communicate and you find yourself a new partner and you communicate til you’re blue in the face. What’s the problem now? They aren’t comprehending you. This can be one of those struggles that creates anger and frustration and lots of fighting in a relationship.

You’re a communicator and you’re communicating but the person you’re communicating too just isn’t getting it. Maybe they also aren’t reciprocating the communication either and you find yourself just stuck! This can also be a sign that you might still be repeating a pattern of codependency as you are choosing people who don’t get you. You’ll spend hours communicating and trying to MAKE them understand and they just can’t. It’s maddening. In today’s episode, we’re going to chat about it and perhaps find some resolution here. 

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