Matty is one of my favorite humans. In this interview he said in response to – do you think getting more famous will cause you to stop being so open and honest? – “If you don’t lie, you don’t have to think about what you are saying. I’m not going to live my life in fear of being wrongly exposed…”

That’s a powerful thing. Being radically honest and just speaking the truth takes away all that time you spend trying to keep your lies straight. Think about the last time you lied about something. Did you end up fucking up the lie because you couldn’t remember exactly what you said? 

I’ve done it myself. I’ve lied and it always comes and bites me in the ass eventually. Even if it doesn’t, there is this kind of residual scum that I feel in my soul that eventually all ads up and needs to be cleansed. 

I’ve really tried, as of late, to live my life in this kind of transparent honesty like Matty talks about. 

People ask me – aren’t you afraid that people will read your blog and not like you or think differently of you? I’m not afraid. My blog and my stories are ME. My alcoholism and depression, are parts of me. My success and failures are what make me who I am. Why should I be ashamed of those things? 

If these things offend or bother you about me, there’s nothing I can do to change that. People’s perceptions of you don’t become you. 

Be unapologetically yourself. Unless you’re an asshole, then be someone else hahaha

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1 thought on ““If You Don’t Lie, You Don’t Have To Think About What You Are Saying”

  1. Interesting. So I commented on one of your posts that [admin edit: removed name used] is a liar and you don’t let the comment through. Then you post this. Hmmm

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