I recently read this article and decided to write a post about it:


Go ahead and give it a read. I’ll wait…

Love shouldn’t hurt unless you’re into that sort of thing 😉. What we’re seeing in this relationship is very reminiscent of celebrities Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob back in the day. They did stuff with each other’s blood some of us didn’t understand. Some people only know how to “love” others in ways that appear controlling or smothering or whatever this feels like to you. 

But surprise….that’s just YOUR projection onto them based on your conditioning and experiences. It may not actually be true of their relationship and who they are behind closed doors. 

What I encourage you to do is to explore the ways that you give and receive love. Understanding THAT can help your relationships last. 

Is this couple triggering for you? Do you feel the need to shame them, criticize them or tear down their relationship calling it toxic? 

If so, spend some time today sitting with those feelings. If you wanna start a conversation about it, DM and let’s chat. I’m always open to cultivating conversations of self exploration especially when it comes to relationships.  

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