I started trying to conquer some of my fears recently. Public speaking has always been high on the list. Acting – no problem. But being myself, in front of people, I couldn’t possibly!!!!

In high school it mortified me because I was teased so horribly for being the flat chested Jesus freak with zits all over my face. In college I actually passed out while giving a presentation. 

I’ve struggled with it ever since and have shied away from anything that would put me in that position.

So I applied for this job to be a trivia host, knowing that I would be pushing myself into a zone so uncomfortable that I might fail and pass out like I did in high school. 

But guess what…I didn’t pass out. I made a few mistakes but nobody laughed or teased me. This was my second show and I have double the audience that I did the previous week. They liked me and they walked up after and told me.

I left tonight feeling so grateful and also humbled by this experience. After hauling my equipment a couple blocks from my car and up three flights of stairs tonight it felt like the right moment to film this – forgive my out of breath-ness but I had to get it out. 

I hope this encourages you wherever you are today.

Watch Video Here:

>>> http://nicolesamra.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/public-speaking-fear.mp4

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