After spending years neglecting much needed dental work (this all started in January when I broke a tooth), I finally got the last of it handled today. 

It’s been a painful process both financially and physically. However, there’s a sense of accomplishment I feel today being able to provide that for myself when just a few years ago I could barely even afford Taco Bell. 

I’m often very hard on myself for not being where I think I should be – while not appreciating how far I’ve actually come.

Might be a an odd thing to be proud of but I think stuff like this can make a person proud and feel accomplished and they shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge and celebrate. It’s not a huge life event for many, but for me, I’m over here thankful that I could finally do it and not be doubled over in pain or crying my eyes out wondering how I’m ever going to pay for it.

My life is different and I take time to celebrate the small wins. Today was a small win. This is my celebratory post.

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