Okay so this baby Yoda craze is insane….but I can’t help it!

Like, I would have a baby tomorrow if you could promise that it would come out looking identical to baby Yoda. I’m not even kidding. Who does a girl have to sleep with to make this sort of thing happen?!

I don’t have a Disney subscription…yet so I have to resort to looking up photos and videos that folks have made about this lovable little creature. So I found this one and I’m just all gushy inside.


I mean, come freaking on!!! How is this little creature so damn adorable?!?! It should be against the law to be this cute! Baby Yoda is the only cute Star Wars Character though…


The Star Wars franchise is no stranger to creating some of the cutest characters ever. I mean seriously, they have a history of creating some pretty adorable creatures. Growing up, I was IN LOVE with Ewoks. They looked like these adorable little teddy bears and their voices!!! So freaking adorable. Pretty sure I wanted to dress up as one for Halloween and definitely pretended to be an Ewok on several occasions.


Most recently they introduced us to Porgs. Another ridiculously adorable creature. This chubby little bodies and big ol derpy eyes. I just can’t. You add Chewie interacting with the Porgs and I’m just dead!

The Droids

I’ve always found R2D2 to be really freaking adorable as well. When BB8 entered the scene, I felt the same. They were always great comedic relief and somehow become these really adorable robotic figures that you can’t help but love.

I made a BB8 Costume to be on a TV show you might recognize called Let’s Make A Deal a couple years ago. Yes, I made it onto the show and had Wayne Brady try and guess who the fuck I was dressed as. You’re not allowed to wear copyrighted costumes, but I slid under the radar in this baby cuz I made it myself.

Needless to say, I guess you could call me a cute Star Wars character connoisseur but I’m hardly the biggest fan out there.

But Baby Yoda…..

He takes the freaking cake. Every time I see him my fucking uterus starts jumping for joy. Like calm down you idiot, if we created a baby, it’s not gonna look like that. It’s gonna look like, well us, and we aren’t that damn cute.

It’s also create a huge meme craze! Every day I see something new and share it on my instagram, cuz, why the fuck not. I’m obsessed. I recently saw someone getting a baby Yoda tattoo at a local tattoo shop…

Like I want a baby Yoda tattoo as well but I couldn’t stand to look at it every day. It’s just too much! It’s too cute!!!

My best friend and I have had several conversations already about how stupid cute Baby Yoda is and how it’s just too freaking much!!! WE CAN’T EVEN!!!

That’s it. There’s nothing profound here. I just had to comment on the current state of our world which is….OBSESSED WITH BABY YODA!!!

Also you’re welcome for this gem if you haven’t heard this song or seen this movie.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Yoda Is So Cute It Hurts

  1. Hi, I just heard about you from your appearance on the [admin edit: removed name used] podcast. Just here to say that you should stay away from him. Not only is he a habitual liar. He also is a huge phony constantly trying to do whatever it takes to make it big. Here is one example where he straight up lied about being in a plane crash. [edited out link] He also recently did a go fund me to get his car out of the impound lot. A expensive car he bought, under his girlfriends name, after he got the food network show. He couldn’t afford it because it was a bad purchase and made people pay for his mistake he also never updated anyone on wether or not he got it back. Beware of him. He is bad news

    1. Thanks for the comment! Shit sounds intense. Hope whatever he did to piss you off you’re able to find peace with my man. Sounds like you’ve got some sort of vendetta against the guy that doesn’t involve me. My blog, however, is not a platform for this so I ask that you kindly refrain from additional commentary on this subject and take it up with that person directly where they can address these accusations themselves. Thanks doll!

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