It is with great honor that I announce that I have officially started production on the Girl Versus World Podcast. I have talked about it for years and now is the time that ir begins.

On May 19th, I will release the very first episode of the show. The episodes will be about 30 minutes long and cover topics such as mental health, relationships, recovery and hope. basically anything that I am dealing with on a weekly basis could fall victim to coming its very own episode.

Future plans for the show will include interviews with guests and features on people who are out there trying to make the world a better place – even if just for themselves.

I’ll be honest, I’m scared. I’m legit shaking in my boots afraid that no one will give a shit about this podcast. I’m afraid that no one will listen or that I’ll get such harsh criticism that I’ll pack up and move out of the country and hide under a new name and persona. Ok, not actually, but I have some pretty wild accusations flowing through my brain. All of them telling me I shouldn’t.

But, they quickly get defeated by one idea and one idea only – that my words might actually help someone. So I have pushed through the scary thoughts and I’ve begun recording episodes. I’ve handpicked the intro music and I’m a one woman show at this point.

I will be recording, producing, editing and promoting everything all on my lonesome. I hope to eventually grow a team to help out but for now, no excuses, I will do the damn thing myself.

If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon and offer some financial support, it would greatly be appreciated but absolutely not necessary to enjoy the content. I have a patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/girlversusworld.

I can’t wait to get this going and see where it might potentially go. Wish me luck!

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