So I went through my phone to remind myself what all I accomplished this year and I don’t give myself enough credit for what I’ve been able to do. In fact, I’m Down right mean to myself usually about what I’m not getting done.

Here are some things I’m proud of:

– I completed and helped launch a premier for a tv show which I helped produce and act in 

– I launched my own podcast

– I celebrated 2 years of sobriety 

– I walked away from a codependent relationship

– I began life coach training and shadow work

– Completed another year of trauma therapy and codependency support groups which have spurred a ton of self growth

– I made family time and time with friends more of a priority 

– I adopted a cat 

– I made time for myself and did things that were just for me – like the 10+ concerts and live events I attended this year

– I caught up on 10+ years of neglected dental work

– I made a living for myself where I didnt have to check my bank account before making decisions

– Get to work for a great company that I believe in

– I met someone new and fell in love 

– I got to return to hosting trivia and growing that show to max capacity 

– I acted and participated in projects I was passionate about 

But most of all, I’ve been able to live here in the present and the now. Things didn’t always turn out how I planned this year and I cried and screamed and begged for help. But when I look at what I have done or even just tried to do – that’s enough and I can be proud of that. 

Give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished this year instead of being so concerned about what didn’t get done or what someone else got done or what prevented you from doing what you wanted to do. 

This is my list. What is yours? I encourage you to look through your past year and find the things you’re proud of. You don’t have to share but I encourage you to be proud of yourself and carry THAT feeling into the new year.

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